Fruit & Vegetable U Pick

Pick Your Own – Fruits and Berries

picking dates are approx.
Rhubarb – June and July
Honeyberries – July and August
Strawberries – July and August
Raspberries – late July and August
Saskatoon Berries – July to mid August
Black Currants – August
Alberta (Sour) Cherries – August
Nanking Cherries – August
Sea Buckthorn – Fall
vegetable picking through out the season

We accept DEBIT and CASH only for methods of payment.

Fresh Raspberry U pick
Our raspberries are so delicious, so full of nutritional goodness. We love seeing new birds, bugs and worms as they are allowed to populate and work with us. So when you are picking, get quiet for a while and listen to the sounds around you. It is amazing.

Fresh Honeyberry U pick
Honeyberries love our cooler temperatures. They are tasty and highly nutritious being rich in anti-oxidants and many vitamins. Eat them fresh and give your body a serious health boost! They freeze well and work nicely as an addition to your healthy smoothies, baked goods, breakfast cereal, wines, jellies and syrups.

Fresh Saskatoon Berry U pick
Delicious plump Saskatoon Berries are easy to pick, and make a great freezer addition for the off season. Eat them fresh, bake with them, and use them in your morning cereal and smoothies all winter long. We use no chemicals on any of our fruits and berries, so you have a nice berry ready for use.

Fresh Black Currant U pick
what great taste, use them anywhere you would any other berry.

Fresh Sour Cherry U pick
There are many varieties in the gardens.  Bring a friend and fill a bucket.

Our fresh garden vegetables are grown chemical free. Enjoy the freshness of locally grown and discover the sweetness that cool nights bring.