Farm hours by appointment until the honeyberries and other fruits are ready to be picked, then we will be open from 10:00 to 5:00 M,T,W,T,F,S, and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00.
Farm up date 

Garden Shares (Community Shared Agriculture - CSA) on sale now!  Click here for your form.pdf

The Honeyberry Inn
Stay with us!  It's quiet in the country and you will be able to sleep!   We are here year round.

Fund Raising Program: 
A one time purchase by members of your group or school made in the Fall after everything has been harvested, includes items from the root cellar, certified kitchen, freezers and farm store.  Contact us for more information 403 782-4263.

What has been said about the fundraising program:   
"As both a parent and teacher, I want to promote healthy eating. Billyco Junction Gardens offers a wide variety of fresh and tasty produce delivered right to our neighborhood on a weekly basis! As well, at a time when school budgets are increasingly strained, the fundraising initiative promoted by Billyco adds a breath of fresh air to the system." 
Paul Caines of Lendrum/Avalon schools, Edmonton
"Billyco Junction Gardens offers a healthy fundraiser of fresh fruits and vegetables with minimal effort and substantial financial gain for the fundraising organization. We were also proud to support a local, family operated farm."
Kim Kelly, Parent Chair, Belgravia Ever Active, Edmonton

Family History in serving up Fresh Fruits and Vegetables....
Below is a picture of Edie's great uncle in the Netherlands.  Her family imported some fruits, see the bananas on the cart?   They also grew fruits and vegetables just like we do now.  They used the power of the dog to deliver from town to town, we use the power of a Ford F150 to get our produce to you!  Join our fruit and vegetable delivery service called a Community Shared Agriculture CSA today and receive great local fruits and vegetables all summer long!